Thursday, 21 October 2010

Casualty Week

We covered a lot in this week so I'm just going to post some pictures up. Its all a bit gruesome but I absolutely loved it and you got to be really creative.At first we just started off with black eyes, then some cuts and grazes.
We also learned how to create slit writs using wax and fake blood.

Cold Sore
The above were some of my favourite pieces, there are too many photos to post so that's all you'll see unless you have my facebook :P
At the End of the week we had an assignment. We all got given a different tragedy or incident, mine was about a woman who got abused in the woodlands then shot in the head. 

One of the details I favoured the most in this assignment were the hands, I tried to make them look as if they had been scraped badly on some surface. 
.. eee I hate when I scrape my hands, its one of the most annoying pains ever. 

Anyways, sorry didn't make this post too detailed, I'm pretty behind on this sooo just had to do a little catch up :P

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Facial Hair

Last week we learnt what goes on with fake facial hair in movies and such. So we pretty much made the hair ourselves, starting off with Moustaches. I was sick that week so I only got up to making two stashes and a chin piece. 
David Bowie in The Prestige

The tutor that was teaching us that week works for the company that made this moustache for David Bowie in the Movie, The Prestige. Don't know about you guys, but I looovvveedd that film :)

Yeah, making these stashes was more of a mission than I thought it was... to make it sound less confusing, we pretty much had a transparent piece of lace pinned down to a cushion head, and we had to sew each individual hair onto the piece of lace to give it a more realistic look when you place it onto the skin. 

After each hair is sewed on, it looks like this. Haha. Well unfortunatly its not done. The stash then has to be groomed by combing and curling it. 
After its curled, we comb it out then trim it depending on what kind of moustache we were trying to achieve. 
This is one of my sets, the hairpieces are stuck on with spirit gum. Very sticky stuff... and seriously when I had it on it was soo uncomfortable, I don't know how guys cope with that. 
Ines, Jess and I
Haha, well I thought it was pretty realistic. It was a pesty process but in the end you make something you can use loads of times till it wears out, and its pretty shweeeet! :)


Monday, 27 September 2010

1940s 50s and 60s....

The popular styles in the 1940s and 50s were quite similar, the only main difference being the eyebrows. In the 40's makeup was seen as a luxury item, also being a decade where the 'healthy' look was quite popular. There was main focus on the lips (full and red) and with a little eye makeup to complete the look. Veronica Lake is a good example for this look. 

My 1940's design on Fai
Then in the 1950's the eyebrows were more extended and there was thicker (liquid liner) on the top lid and a little under the bottom lashes. The inner corner of the eyebrows where also very angular (square shaped).The lips were pretty much the same. 

My 1950's design
Audrey Hepburn's 1950's eyebrows
For the 1960's we were taught two looks, the Mod look and the Rocker look. The Mods eye makeup was based on black and white, using these colors to open up the eye (make them look bigger). The Rockers had more color associated with their makeup.

Lets start with the Mods :)

Blush wasn't really used, the eyes were more important. The lips were usually applied pale and the eyebrows were natural. Putting on false eyelashes and drawing on eyelashes was popular too which I lurvvve :)

My 1960's Mod design

The Rockers signature was the heavy top liner with a flick. 

XXxx done with Time Travelling <3 Fashion is next :)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Time Travelling

This week we have moved onto Make Up styles throughout time. Yesterday we did make up inspired from the 1800s. It was pretty bazaar and interesting, I loved it :P.
My stall :P

Side View - we were also given a wig to suit the era :P
My design on Kayte
The eyebrows arnt supposed to be thhattt high and drastic, but hey, I couldn't help it haha. 

Today we did 1920s Make Up, Thin long eyebrows, and a specific style of red lips. They also wore paler flawless foundation - the bob cut became very popular during this time -

The eyebrows were shaped very thin, and tended to fall downwards as it got to the outer corner.

This was Jess' 1920s Make Up design on me, didn't have the wig on yet though.
Wax and sealer was used to hide any eyebrow that wasn't needed. (plus concealer)
I think we are doing the 1950's or 60's tomorrow...
anyways, PEACE <3 Elbiix.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Heaven or Hell

Haaaaa We had our first project today. We had to do a Heaven or Hell inspiration. 
I was partners will Annette, and I chose to do a Hell inspired Make Up on her.

For the face, I did some contouring (under her cheek bone and on the sides of her nose) to make her face appear more angular. I also applied blush on the upper cheek bone to emphasize shape. -some minor highlighing was added aswell-

 For the eyelids I applied (from inner corner to outer corner) yellow/tan, pink/red, red/maroon, burgundy/purple then finally black. Couldnt say the exact color names because I dont have the pallet with me.
I darkened her eyebrows to add shape, and used cake eyeliner (black) - also applying false eyelashes-

As a little something, I added this flower pattern on her forehead. Underneath the pattern I brused some mangenta powder. I used some lace as a stencil, and applied black eyeshadow ontop. I thought this had a nice effect on the overall makeup design.

Yayyy here comes the weekend! Xxxx Peace ! Elbiix <3

Thursday, 16 September 2010


This week is Basic Make-Up Week. We've been learning how to apply proper bases, and how to apply concealer with a pallet that was given to us. 
This is the lipstick pallet, the concealer one is similar to this (the same make) but of course with more neutral colors. 

We were also given these brushes :) Blush brushes, foundation brushes, blending brushes, regular eye brushes, an eyebrow comb and brush, lip brushes, an eyeliner brush and a mascara brush. 
- - I will probably put up more of what was in the box another time, its taking a while for these to load :P - -

Anyways, today was highlighting and contouring, one side of the face had to be done with grease paint and the other with regular powder. Just so we can see what the difference was.

I did Katharine's makeup today. Natural contouring and highlighting, with light eye makeup and lips to go. 

XXxxxXXx More to come! Mwah <3

Monday, 13 September 2010

Delamar Day One

Heyooooo! My first post of my blog! :)
I just started the full year certificate (Professional :P) MakeUp course at Delamar Acamdemy. I just wanted to record my new direction in life and see if it takes me anywhere~ which I hope sooo.. 

Anyways, got my ID today! hehe
OOOoooOOOoo and today.. we got a prezzie ! 
check it...
I'm tired, so I'll show you whats in it tomorrow :P
Ciaoo~ Xx